Take Action

We can change global sourcing practices to mitigate the environmental and social harms caused by international supply chains by collectively pushing companies to know and reveal the forest origins of their products. The Origin App was created for you and other users to join a collective movement to demand origin information. As this is a new campaign, most products in the App do not yet have a declared origin. But as more users demand origin information, we will build pressure on companies to reveal this information.

You can help by following these steps:

icon of a shopping cart

Step 2:

Find wood products you’re interested in knowing more about. This could be on a trip to the store or online shopping.

icon of scanning a barcode with your phone

Step 3:

Scan the barcode or search for the product in the Origin App.

icon of adding a product to the Origin App with the example of adding a chair

Step 4:

If you can’t find the product in the App, add it to the database.

icon of an envelope requesting origin information

Step 5:

If there is no information available, demand the origin! Click “I want to know the Origin” or the social media links below.

The more that Origin App users demand origin, the more that companies will feel pressured to provide this information. Together, we can stop our products from fueling deforestation and climate change.

The Origin Project is an initiative from the Environmental Investigation Agency - We investigate and campaign against environmental crime and abuse.